Why Should You Train with Lux?

Just a quick Google search will result in a list of potential training opportunities. The global e-learning market is expected to reach 400 billion dollars by 2026. But, how are you to know what course is best for you and aligned with what you want to accomplish in your future goals? With so many training courses out there you need to be sure you’re spending your hard-earned money on an opportunity that results in practical skills and a solid knowledge base. That’s exactly what you’ll get at Lux! Here’s our top reasons why you should train with us: 

1. Monika was trained by the only professional sugaring educator and manufacturer that was in operation in 1996, by one of the first trainers for the company, who ran her own very successful salon for many years. While the manual she was taught from was used for reference, she was also introduced to a new company run by another very successful female entrepreneur, who had streamlined and written their own company manual. Teaching for this new company in 2012 became Monika’s passion and changed the course of her life. Monika has written her own guidebook and developed her own training program, which contains information that is not included in any other professional sugaring program. For example, Monika believes that by understanding the science of hair growth and implementing the Lux Standard of Hair Removal, Sugaring Specialists can give fact-based advice and perform with expert skill, earning the trust of clients. The results speak for themselves.

2. Monika has been sugaring for over 24 years, which has given her a lot of experience with different skin and hair types; she’s had many opportunities to troubleshoot, and to develop tried and true processes for removing hair successfully. She believes the difference between being a good Sugarist and being a superb Sugaring Specialist is education and practice. What does it take to become an expert or master performer in a given field? 10,000 hours of practice. It’s a common rule of thumb, popularized by Malcom Gladwell in his bestseller Outliers: The Story of Success. The principle states that in order to become world class in any field, you need 10,000 hours of deliberate practice. At that point, the person is talented enough or smart enough or capable enough to be truly successful. No one has put in the amount of hours Monika has.

3. Monika is passionate about educating the next wave of Sugaring Specialists with proper science-based knowledge about hair removal and skin care. With all the sources of information on the internet, it’s difficult to separate what is true, and what is not. Monika has spent much of the last 8 years dedicated to researching new information and teaching Specialists in Training, so they in turn can educate and empower their clientele. She knows that the keys to building a rewarding business are skill, knowledge and trust. These elements will result in long-term success.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us to inquire about training!