Our Team

Although all of our personalities are so different, we all feel the same way about enhancing beauty, self-care and kindness. We can teach the skills, but on the inside we all have the same ethos. The ladies of Lux are masters of their craft, so you can expect an exceptional treatment from any of our talented and passionate staff.

We update our policies and practices continuously and ensure all Specialists are up to date with the latest training and Lux expectations. Whether you prefer to see a specific Specialist time and again, or are comfortable receiving your treatment with any Specialist who is available when it is most convenient for you, rest assured that the Lux standards of care are met across the board.

Maggie Habkirk

Black outfit aficionado, peanut butter addict, passionista. 

Owner of 2 dogs, 2 left feet, and 1 half of Lux. 

Lover of do-gooders, sleep-in Sundays, stretchy pants, and cheese.

BIG dreamer, BIGGER mouth.

Monika Campbell

Caffeine dependent multi-tasking mom & world (wanna)-traveler. 

Encourager of dreams, supporter of ambition, owner of the other half of Lux. 

Lover of spicy food, anything chocolate, fast cars & lazy weekends.

Fiercely Loyal, Eternally Optimistic.

Tasha Square Image


Always happy to share helpful tips and tricks, but never her fries – there’s no “we” in fries.

Lover of fitness, fine wine, false lashes and sriracha. Wishes her hair could be as big as her heart!!!

“I believe in kindness. Also in mischief.”
–Mary Oliver

Photo of Lindsay employee woman


Owner of a happy heart and creator of two wonderful, weird little people who have inherited her eyes and attitude. Lover of being outdoors, lazy Sunday mornings, a good book and coffee in bed.

Can often be found in the kitchen making good things to share with even better people.

Bread-baker, messy-kitchen maker!