Spray Tanning

So you want to be a bronzed goddess without the dangers and risks associated with tanning beds or laying in the sun? We’ve got you covered! Our all-natural original spray tanning formula works with your skin to bring out your unique, natural pigments. We customize your spray tan to your specific skin type, tone and preference. 

SunnaTan’s unique tanning solution contains all-natural, skin-happy ingredients, including: sunflower oil, bark extract, gotu kola, echinacea and green tea. Also, it’s fragrance-free, paraben-free and vegan! Your skin will look naturally sun-kissed in all the right places.

We customize your spray tan to your specific skin type, tone and preference. Our exclusive technique has been perfected to ensure a natural, rich and even tan every time, leaving your skin feeling hydrated and looking luminous. You’ll have a flawless glow in one 20 minute appointment!

Get Your Tan On

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Spray Away

In just 20 minutes, we’ll customize your spray tan to your specific skin type, tone and preference at your appointment!

Oh, She Glows

Your tan develops over the next 24 hours, so have a sweet slumber and rinse off in the shower the next morning. Then you’ll be ready to show off your gorgeous glow!

Preparing for Your Appointment

Leading up to the day of your tan, moisturize regularly with a water-based lotion. Perform hair removal the day before, exfoliate well the night before, and drink lots of water the day of. Arrive without deodorant, makeup, perfume or moisturizer. Bring or wear dark, loose clothing to your appointment and know that underwear is totally optional! We have disposables available, but you can also wear your own. Tip: the tanning solution won’t permanently stain so don’t worry about your clothes or sheets, just throw them in the wash once the tan has developed and its time to rinse the guide colour away. Don’t forget to moisturize regularly in the days following your appointment to keep that tan looking fresh!

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