Cancellation Policy

Every one of us has come across a cancellation policy or two in our time. They are especially popular in the medical, service and hospitality industries. A cancellation policy makes perfect sense for businesses that rely on one-on-one appointments. It can reduce our total number of no-shows and allow us more time to fill open appointment slots when guests do cancel. Because at Lux our staff are self-employed contractors, when you don’t arrive for your scheduled appointment, your practitioner does not get paid for the time you would have been there. A well constructed cancellation policy reduces the occurrence of missed appointments and allows Lux the ability to fill the appointment spot with a guest from our wait list.

We all understand the purpose of a good cancellation policy, but it can feel unfair to have it enforced when we have a really good reason for not being able to make it to our appointment. Our lives are so busy. We’re often juggling many balls in the air at a time, and every once in a while, we fumble. We totally get it! But also understand that your practitioner is juggling balls too, and one of her priorities was to take care of you, at that time, on that day.

Enough talk about balls! Instead, I’d like to share with you our cancellation policy and hopefully give you some insight into how we thoughtfully crafted it to be fair to both you and our staff members. After all, we like you a lot and want you to continue to see us time and again for your personal care needs! To be effective and fair, we are committed to clearly communicating the policy on our website, at the time of booking, posted in our reception area, and while in your first treatment.

Our Policy:
24 hours notice of cancellation is required by Lux Premier Beauty. We recognize that not all of life’s unexpected events come with such advanced notice. Therefore, as a courtesy, please remember to call us as soon as you know that you will be unable to come for your scheduled appointment and we’d be happy to rebook it for you.

Lux Premier Beauty reserves the option to administer a 50% cancellation fee for any appointments that are missed without notice. Fees will be noted on your client profile and added at your next appointment.

We recognize that on a daily basis you have at least a dozen things taking up space in your head and can easily forget just about anything – including the day of the week (or is that just me?). Our booking system is programmed to send out timely reminders of your upcoming appointment(s). You can even export your appointment details directly into the calendar on your phone at the time of booking.

Creating a solid and strict cancellation policy is easy. Enforcing said policy can be tricky. It’s important to us that our staff know that their time and expertise is worth respecting. That being said, there are times when a little understanding goes a long way. We aren’t monsters! In fact, you’ll find us quite flexible. Life is hard and at times emergencies come up. We can both agree that your appointment is not more important than your safety and well-being. Talk to us if you would like us to consider an exception.